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Typeface Coffee Roasters is a Canadian small batch coffee roaster focusing on producing coffee that fuels your creativity. Never stop exploring.


What's in the name Typeface?

Typeface is rooted in everything we do or say.  It’s the style that we write, it's how we express ourselves, it's unique to everyone much like coffee is unique to every individual/ farmer/ region.  Everyone has a unique experience that they’ve been through and we want our coffee to help you tell your story - to pause and reflect or to be the catalyst to start something awesome!

Typeface CR is a unique small batch coffee roaster located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  As a roaster we want to create an experience that is unique and stands apart from the rest.  We want to share the knowledge that we’ve gained with you through our coffee, brew guides, and collaborations.


Makers... We Want to Highlight You

At Typeface CR, we want to be the companion to your stories and we want to tell your story and help inspire those who are creating and making their ideas come to life. So, let us highlight you on our blog.

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