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HARIO® V60 Filter Paper White 02

Extracting coffee the V60 way, would not be the same without this vital part - Hario® V60 paper filters. Home brewers and baristas enjoy preparing their coffee this way because of a unique coffee taste and the control V60 pour over method provides over the brewing process.

Hario® V60 Filter Paper Design

The cone design is backed up with a scientific theory that V shape is the best for brewing the coffee in drip style, hence the reason why V60 paper sheets are also V shaped. Enabling the user to easily place the paper filters into 02 Hario® V60 dripper size. Once the brewing is done, all the brewer has to do is dispose the biodegradable paper filters and enjoy the rest of his day.

Tip: Warm up the paper filter with hot water before adding your grinded coffee to ensure 100% paper free coffee taste.

Hario® V60 White Paper Filters 02 Dripper Includes :

  • 40x V60 Coffee Filters
  • How To Brew Instructions
  • Mountain Fold
  • 1 to 2 Cups


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