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About Typeface CR...

Paul Carmichael
Paul Carmichael - Founder / Jedi Roaster

The reason why I started...

I started Typeface Coffee Roasters as I was always drawn to coffee whether it was the simple smell of freshly roasted coffee or thru conversations with friends and family.  Over the past few years I've been able to take several SCA courses and completed Roaster level 1 certification and have had the unique experience to go to origin to experience the process first hand from seed to cup. 

When I'm not roasting I enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family, which is always fun and usually involves brewing good coffee.



Stephen Politte

Stephen Politte - Designer Guy

Typeface CR your pausing excuse...

 It's important that Typeface CR be the Creative's partner. As you create, write, work, anything, we want to be right there by your side. Our creativity stems from yours. We want to say this through our visuals of product design, identity, our website, our social media presence, and everything we create with our tasty coffee.

You can catch Stephen running around with his gorgeous wife, Stephanie, of 14 years and their lovely five kiddos (all 5yrs thru 9yrs old). He is officially addicted to good coffee and is a full-time Creative Director designing for all kinds of interests:



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