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Typeface Coffee Roasters
322 Mountain Park Drive SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 2L3

No retail sales on site. Callers strictly by appointment ONLY.

Business licence: BL201087

Registered in CANADA

Please note, below are guidelines as to our response times so your expectations are managed. Please do not beat us up if we are not always able to stick to them. In most cases responses to contact will be much speedier than the guidelines, but be assured if we do take longer there will be a good reason.

As your first point of contact please email us.

You'll be surprised at how quickly we deal with email over any other method as all the details of your question or query and our system are to hand. We can often supply you with an idea of the solutions that can be offered straight away at the touch of a button.

Email (
We aim to answer all email within 12 hours, with most emails being answered within 4 hours or much more quickly during the working day. Email is our preferred method of communication, works best while roasting coffee!

Telephone +1 (587) 586-0185
All telephone calls will go to our answering service.  As an internet based business we respond to emails with great priority and speed.  Most telephone calls will be returned within 24 hours but this can take up to 36 hours.

We reply to all letters by postal mail within 24 hours of receipt.

We love emails, so why not email us?!


Typeface Coffee Roasters